Thursday, November 11, 2010

Santa Claus and Imagination

When I was deciding on a blog post for today, I ran across a mother’s blog on the Internet. I won’t mention the name and only give sketchy details. Suffice to say she’s a former follower of a faith with strong religious convictions and is now an atheist living in another country. In this particular blog, the mother mentions she doesn’t believe in telling her children either Santa or God are real. She says that because she has told them Santa’s not real and her children still have active imaginations, it proves Santa isn’t necessary. I don’t know what she’d say about leaving them devoid of faith in a divine being.

It seems one of her sons has invented a new solar system with multiple giant Earths where a special breed of carnivorous plants live with high intelligence. They have a different numeric system that goes to nine and then has three numbers they have manufactured in their native tongue. He also has invented a heat miser and snow miser who control the weather and a train miser that sends trains around the world. Now, add to that the fact this kid also invented a Pirate Santa Claus with no eye patch who has a sister with a long white beard.

Well, I formed an entirely different conclusion to this woman’s suggestion that imagination exists without Santa. In my estimation, this child apparently is trying to come to grips with a world in which two important beliefs have been taken away from him. I believe Santa Claus exists to give a child a sense of wonder when he is young and that child, hopefully, can carry that same precious wonder on into his adult life, even after he knows the Santa character was just make-believe. For what Santa symbolizes is real. As for God, well, he may not be an all-knowing being living in the sky, but in my humble opinion, God is as real as that divine spark that lives inside us and makes us have lively imaginations just like that woman’s son.

Thankfully, the little boy has chosen his own path. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a great fantasy writer.

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