Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broken Hearts Blogfest

Sorry folks, late today. Here is my post from It's Magic. It's now available in print and online at lost retailers. After you read and/or comment go on to the next blog in the hop by clicking the button in the right sidebar.:

There are many ways in which dogs are superior to their male owners. In previous chapters, I have touched on some of these traits.

Now we will discuss the most important way in which dogs excel: they cannot tell a lie.

A dog hates to admit the truth, especially when it might get him in trouble, but who doesn’t? The real difference between man and his dog is the dog can’t tell a lie.

His body language tells the truth. His tail tucks between his legs. His ears flatten to the sides of his head. His jaw droops. He refuses to look you in the eye, not wanting to see disapproval or disappointment there.

The dog is smart.

Men on the other hand, can be dishonest. They can and do look you in the eye and lie without a trace of remorse. They have become virtuosos of the falsehood.

Here are several of the ways they disguise their deceit:

1. Act like he doesn’t know anything about what happened. This is very effective when they’ve ruined something you own. Say, heaven forbid, you let them near the laundry and they shrink your angora sweater. A man’s response? “How was I supposed to know? It was in the bag next to the washer.” The fact the bag is marked ‘Dry-cleaning’ is not considered relevant.

2. Change the subject when you ask a question. To be fair, this isn’t lying, just not telling the truth. This is what I call “a dishonest omission.”

3. Take the offensive. When you aggressively pursue the truth, the man will turn on you, finding that one kink in your armor and attack. The hoped for result is making you feel guilty.

4. Some men swear they’re telling the truth, while you know they’re lying. These men could be caught naked in bed with a woman and would declare the bedmate was suffering from hypothermia, and he was doing his best to keep her alive. Should you point out that it’s ninety degrees outside, they will attack claiming you’re selfish and don’t care if the woman dies. These men should be avoided at all costs. You’ll never be sure when what they said is reality or well-crafted dishonesty.

After saving her manuscript, Kasey closed the document on her computer. No question about it, she could kick herself for allowing herself to have dreams of what could be fill her mind, and then have them smashed, dashed, and crushed, to bring an acidic bite back to her writing.

Thank God, the book was back on track. Rising from her chair, she ambled from her office and down the front hall. Now, if only she regained control of her life.
Without thinking, she headed for the one place that never disappointed her--the kitchen. With soup spoon in hand, she opened the freezer. Retrieving the half-gallon of Rocky Road ice cream, she prayed she’d left enough from last night’s binge to satisfy tonight’s depression.


  1. Classic! Who hasn't exorcised their anger at the keyboard and then turned to the kitchen for comfort!

  2. #4 is just about every politician ever elected. And most lawyers, come to think of it.