Sunday, February 13, 2011

Historical Romance Buffs, What About Sci-Fi?

I have a lot of friends who read historical romance. So do I, though I have to say that most are time travels these days. Whether it be Timeless, that just came out from Alexandra Monir last month or The Time Traveler's Wife, a popular YA, or even one of mine, Craigs' Legacy, co-written with Linda Campbell as Terry Campbell (just out for Valentine's Day). All of these, like the traditional historical, give us a taste of something we yearn for, the glamour of an era gone by or the excitement of experiencing life as different than we know it. It got me to thinking.

Why do historical romance readers seldom seem to try reading a science fiction novel? Okay some do, like Moi and others who have eclectic tastes. But, I've heard many of my friends say, "Science fiction just isn't my cup of tea." Now, I've always been that way about vampire novels, just couldn't understand a woman getting excited about a man drawing her blood (I sure hate to give a sample at the doctor's office *big grins*). That beings said, I ran across a book just a week to ten days ago called Eden's Hell by Dawné Dominique and loved it. So my motto is "Never say never."

I am now in the process of writing a series of technically classified science fiction novels, all with some romance. The first is really a time travel and also a cyberpunk, in that the hero and heroine wake up from being cryogenically frozen in the year 2145 and the world of the future is a dystopian one with a lot of high technology. But the hero and heroine are from 1918. How they got there is part of the book. The way they speak and act is from a time gone by. The villainess, who was also cryoed and then cloned, is from the same time period as our travelers.

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be interesting if I did a long short story, bordering on short novella, a $.99 special on Kindle, and other formats,that showed how she got to be so vile? All of it would be historical, yet it shows the obvious:
Listen up historical readers! the future will be history one day.They're connected. What you love is the glamour of a different time. So, for crying out loud, try a science fiction novel. It may be what your future will look like.

An ebook slated for debut in late March by Daryn Cross.


  1. Love this post! Steampunk is a great way to meld the past with the future. And your new WIP sounds very intriguing!

  2. Thanks Liz. :)I agree with you. One of the novellas in the series is a steampunk.