Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angels: The Vampires of 2011

I usually manage to hit a trend before it comes. Note, that when I originally wrote with Linda Campbell as Terry Campbell, romantic comedy wasn’t “in,” yet just a year after we released our books, all the editors were asking us, “Why didn’t you submit to us?” (this happened, honestly) Then we had a time-travel set in the civil war period. Two no-nos. Guess what? Time-travel is now on the upsurge. Yay! This time the book re-releases as a debut book from Black Opal Books on February 11th. Check out Craigs’ Legacy (book cover at the end of this blog).

But, right now, I want to talk about angels. We should have known they were going to be a trend. I mean, vampires are always in black—angels in white, right? So the pendulum swings…There is a twist. People seem drawn to the fallen angel, the one who wants redemption.

Daryn Cross has a book, Walk Right In, coming out from L&L Dreamspell in October and its sequel Walk Right Back, in January 2012. I mentioned this once before in an interview and everyone asked me about these books more than the one I was writing about. There is interest. As usual, my angels are a bit comedic and bungling. But the demons are menacing and the risks real. I do have a fallen angel as well who needs to redeem himself. He’s dropped in to a human’s body and they’re living quite a dual life.

Let me know what you see regarding the trend of angels. I know Nalini Singh has a series going on. Where else do you see this trend, and what do you think of it?

Craigs' Legacy debuting February 11, 2011, electronic formats--print to follow.

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